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Arthur M. Lockshield Application by serenofariane Arthur M. Lockshield Application by serenofariane
My elementary school level application for my character Arthur to the group :iconproject--wonderland:. His application got back burnered so I backed out of actually applying to role play. I have big plans for him even though he did not make the cut. Now he can have ears and be older like I originally wanted him to!! :heart:

♕ Name: Arthur M. Lockshield
♕ Age: 7
♕ Year/School Level: Elementary
♕ Birthday: June 27th
♕ Role: N/A
♕ Abilities: He is very good with locks and he is quick on his feet.
♕ Rank: Class Three Pawn
♕ Personality:
He can be a bit of a brat but tends to look after others that he comes to like. A very curious young man, he was eager to follow the white rabbit down the rabbit hole. Even if "falling" down the rabbit hole may be more accurate because he did not know it was going to be so deep. He tends to get into trouble with his curiosity, but sometimes it is a good thing too. He learns a lot being a nosy kid. He hates when people try to know everything because he knows that even he does not know everything. The boy is very intelligent but has some issues applying that intelligence when it comes to school work because he gets bored quickly. 

When he first meets people he tends to be a bit standoffish, but the more they warm up to him the more he opens up. Arthur tends to get defensive when people brag about him or make fun of him. He is nice to nature, usually can be seen picking up trash to put it in a proper dispenser if someone else just throws it on the grass. If he does not like said person, he throws it at them then darts away. He does not like fighting but he does believe in standing up for what you believe in.
♕ History: Arthur is an only child who's parents are usually too busy to take him anywhere. His father is the owner of a corporate trading company and his mother is a fashion designer for women's clothes. Both did not really plan to have a son to care for. Arthur was left to nanny's and caretakers more often than not. He loves pretending he is far away and always causes trouble for his tutors and family. Though it is purely for the attention, his pranks are usually harmless. He will behave like a perfect angel however when he wants something. 
When he heard of Lewdell's Theme Park from the other children in passing and the paper, he became curious and really wanted to go. He asked his caretaker to take him and promised to behave accordingly if they allowed him to go. Seeing a window after a particularly rotten streak of pranks, the caretaker took the opportunity and promptly looked into obtaining tickets of entry to the park. Arthur kept true to his word on behaving until the trip. Even during the ride there he was patient and well behaved where normally he would be asking all sorts of mind numbing questions.
Upon arrival, Arthur was already imagining what wonderful things he would find beyond the gates of the park. He could not wait to go inside!! The big top tent and the huge ferris wheel he could see already. Once inside he could not contain his excitement! He darted off looking at everything he passed, taking it all in and already making up stories in his mind. His caretaker could barely keep up. Arthur ran around so much he started to feel a bit light headed from the heat of the day so decided to sit down on a bench near the opening of the big top. Leaning his head back he slipped off into what he thought was deep sleep. The "dream" he had was nothing short of exciting... Was it a dream? He almost hoped it wasn't...
♕ Trivia: He loves to run. He is not too big on sports but he does love to play catch with his friends. He also collects old keys and stamps.
♕ Relations: None yet, but I am sure he will make some friends. :3

Arthur M. Lockshield belongs to me, serenofariane
Application sheet BG by :iconeumei:
Bio set up by :iconayaring:
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eumei Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2014
Hi, there! I believe you misunderstood our intentions for extending our enrollments. We never said that the previous apps were "back burnered". They are still on equal footing with the newer applicants. We also never said that they "did not make the cut". Please do understand that our reasons for extending are within the best intentions of our group and the applicants. We want to give more opportunity for the people who would not be able to make the deadline, especially the invitees. However, we cannot please everyone, and it's a pity the extension was not to your interest. Thank you for your interest though.
serenofariane Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Well it made me feel like crap that I put so much work into him and then the application and join request just sat there. :/ So I do not think that the group will be a good one for me to join. I seem to keep missing the actual rp sessions and chats due to work as well. So as much fun and as excited I was about joining the group and doing role play again after a long time, it seems it was not meant to be. I hope it gets success and that others enjoy it, I won't be.
eumei Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2014
It's the same for other applicants, though. A lot of them, not only you, put a lot of effort in their applications. They have to patiently wait for another week as well. Everyone is in the same boat here. As I said, the previous applications are on equal footing with the newer ones. We're not on a first come first serve basis so everyone will get the same chances of getting in. However, if you think that way, then we really cannot do anything about that. Thank you for wishing us success though.
eumei Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2014
aww he's cute! *v* // don't forget to add the cheeb in wonderland outfit~ =v=///
serenofariane Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
^.^ Thank you! I think so too. XD I know. Gotta draw that still...
I actually did a full body of him in wonderland form (same age same appearance but... I gave it doggy ears... Missed that bit when reading the rules set). So gonna save that for later hopefully and draw a separate cheeb to go in the corner of this app.
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June 12, 2014
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