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Emily Reed by serenofariane Emily Reed by serenofariane

It has been bothering me that one of my favorite OCs did not have a full body drawn of her yet by me. So I broke down and sketched this then linearted it. Emily Reed here is my Ouran High School Host Club OC. She is best friends with Haruhi Fujioka who she has known since elementary school. When Emily moved away at the beginning of middle school, the two of them stayed in touch via letters. Now in the second year of High School, Emily has returned to Japan to attend Ouran Academy and finish out her high school years. (I am pretty sure that the anime ended at the end of year 1 high school.) Haruhi is well aware of the secret of the Reed family: they all have some sort of magic and Emily, Fira and Clow are the most powerful in the family. Sworn to secrecy, Haruhi keeps their family secret but she is not the only one who knows in the Host Club nor is she the last.

Emily is one of the three heads of the Reed family, Clow and Fira being the other two and the ones with more authority. The Reeds have a very wide range of footholds in various businesses avenues. They specialize in fashion (Diadoji branch), Food (Kinamoto branch), Education (Hiragizawa branch), and magical consultant (Reed branch). There are more things they are into however, there are just too many to list them all (they have a HUGE family). Most live away from the main manor where Emily lives with Clow and Fira.

Emily has two body guards charged with keeping her safe: Dono Mureno (female) and Kaido Genka (male). Though she is capable of protecting herself, with these two around she does not have to get her hands dirty. Dono is without magical abilities though she is skilled, strong and fast. Genka is the magical muscle who can do some physical work but is just not as good at it as Dono. The two of them are lovers in their "time off."

She has pale skin (though not sickly) and beautiful purple eyes. Her hair is black and she is about 5' 3" tall. She has a bit of a hidden sassy nature about her and likes to do her own thing instead of following trends. She puts on a cool and collected attitude when around people she does not know well or is not comfortable with. She is intelligent and talented though she tends to bottle things up and then let them explode somehow. Emily also has a couple of "pet" names: Em or Emi-chan. Her favorite food is seasoned grilled salmon and her least favorite food is escargot and caviar (they tied). Her favorite flowers are water lilies and her favorite time of day is night time.

That is all I got on her right now, story and character wise.

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February 5, 2014
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